How to Use

Tally software is very fast and user friendly software in Bangladesh but before starting Tally we need to know how to use tally software. Especially new users find lots of problems when they are using tally software first time. So they are searching for how to use Tally software. Unlikely, most of the tutorials don’t provide you helpful information. In this portion we are going to tell you how to use Tally software perfectly in step by step manner. In this tutorial we will try to create a new company using the Tally software. So guys let’s start with us, we hope you will enjoy the whole tutorial.


Step 1: First of all we are going to tell you how to create a new company. The first step for new users is to create a new Company. To create a new company you have to open your Tally software. It looks like this.


Step 2: From this portion now click on Create Company, and then press enter. If you press enter then a new window will open. It looks like this This is a company creation screen where you can enter company information such as company name, mailing name, address and so on. When you fill all options perfectly then you have to Accept it by clicking yes otherwise the company will not open.


Step 3: Now click on yes. It will call to enter the tally vault password. Enter vault password. It looks like this. After entering the tally vault password you will look a screen that says to import statutory masters. Try to complete import statutory masters, then it will lead you to a new screen Gateway. On the left side of this screen you will see a list of information that is actually the company information. You will see current period, current date, Name of the company and Name of last Entry.


Step 4: Under the name of the company you will be able to see the name of your newly created company. Now your company creation steps are done. Company information will be loaded when you open your Tally software. On the right side a data entry voucher will be available so that you can easily enter data for the company. Company creation steps are the first step for new users. This step is very helpful for those people who want to learn the Tally software. AK Consultancy provides available world class and updated resources for the students that are not available in other company. Our tutorials are very easy and understandable. So you can easily learn many things on Tally software and other accounting software from AK Consultancy.


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