Tally accounting software is one of the most popular accounting software in the world and also in Bangladesh and it has a wide range of unique features and characteristics.

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1. Ease of maintenance : Maintaining an accounting software program has never been easier. Tally has bought a revolution to the industry. No matter if you have not prior experience in operating a software program like this, you can learn how to use Tally on your own. You can choose from an array of options and execute different tasks.


 2. Complete solution : Tally offers complete accounting solutions to the businesses. Starting from small businesses to some of the world’s biggest brands, many business organizations rely on this software for their accounting solutions. Tally is greatly popular among business community. According to recent statistics, Tally is becoming more and more popular among business leaders who want more control over their financial affairs.


 3. Modules : Tally has a number of modules that provide its users with stock and inventory data management. A user can handle purchase history, invoices, stock query, and multiple unit measurement with Tally software.


 4. Web support : Web support is definitely one of the most outstanding features of Tally. Database or report that you create offline can be transferred through HTTP, HTTPS, ODBC, SMTP, FTP etc. Tally can format data in XML and HTML.


5. Fast, reliable and user-friendly : The best thing about Tally is that it is user-friendly and reliable. The software can work with low configured systems as well. Tally can handle complex accounting projects at a very fast speed.


 6. Multiple language supports : Tally supports a number of languages. This is why multi-national companies choose tally for their accounting solutions.


7. Object-oriented database : Tally has a fully operational object-oriented database. It uses high power databases that support multi user platforms. The upgraded version of the software has a more advance database management system that surpasses all other competitors when it comes to the use of cutting edge technology and high performance.


 8. Unique features : Unlike other accounting software programs, tally has some unique features that have made it stand out from other ones. You can navigate throughout the system very easily. Exploring different options and using its vast resources are fun. Browse through the different module of the software, you are sure to find a number of cool options that you will never see anywhere else.


 9. LAN set-up and graphical analysis :  You can set-up this wonderful software via local area network connection. You can also transfer your desktop accounting reports to multi user network using web features of tally software. You can create graphical analysis report using graphical presentation tool of the software.


10. Security options : Tally is safe to use. Database and reports that you create using Tally software is highly protected. The software has default security features that will automatically protect your data from unauthorized use. When you use the software in Multi-User Environment, you still have the options to manage your data in a secured fashion.


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