Tally Tips

Now-a-days business operation has changed tremendously. Business organizations are trying to use advanced Tally software to maintain their daily business operations. The ultimate accounting features are available in Tally software but to use this software perfectly you have to use your craft and needs to follow some tips and tricks from the expert. Here we are going to tell you some useful Tally tips that is very much essential for non-expert and new Tally users.


1. If you are not clear about your voucher entry now, you can use alternative or optional vouchers. By making false company you can use Tally software and you can practice different types of entry before making the final voucher.


2. Tally software provides different types of tool like alternative tool that is used to identify accounting error. If you find any error in your voucher entry just go to the alternative mode through alternative tool. You can easily correct the error using this tool.


3. Tally software is used for two purposes such as business purpose and professional purpose. Each type has different features.By upgrading your Tally software, you can configure those features.


4. The scale factor is used to find the round off the figure. If you think that you have to know round off the figure in your Tally account, just use a scale factor to identify the value.


5. Sometimes you applied extra and useless program in Tally software. This is actually a great problem for users. To overcome this problem creates a duplicate voucher entry where you store your voucher information. If you update or want to delete some program from main voucher account, after that you can easily extract voucher information from duplicate account.


6. Shortcut key is also available in Tally software. You can use Alt+C to create any type of accounting voucher. If you can create different stock item in voucher, you need to click Alt+C.


7. Each report has fixed size but you can customize report width and height. The latest Tally software has customization capability. You can also configure the text size using Tally software.


These tally software tips and tricks are very useful for new users and who wants to accelerate his/her skills in the accounting area. AK Consultancy runs lots of courses, at the same they are trying to make a bridge between business entrepreneurs and business students. So that you can get huge important information from AK Consultancy if you will take any Tally products from us.


Tally software is one of the most useful business software is used to maintain business operation with great performance. Tally software is just like a magic accounting software which one is used to accelerate business operation. AK Consultancy is the only Tally software provider in Bangladesh who provide reliable Tally software with great fame and trust.


Tally the most useful accounting software was first produced in India. It was Banglore based Indian private software company named Peutronics Private Limited. Bharat Goenkar was the creator of this software who produced it to manage his financial information. He was the architect and programmer of this software and he was produced no programming in accounting concept. Now a day this Tally software is a leading accounting software is used in financial organizations vastly to maintain their daily operations. We can classify Tally software based on users such that for single user and multiple user. The two classifications are


a) Tally Silver for Single User

b)Tally Gold for Multi-User


TALLY SILVER FOR SINGLE-USER: This software for only one user. If you are a student then it is preferable for you but in large organizations the preferable one is Tally Gold. To use Single User Tally software you have to buy a single user license from the software provider. AK Consultancy is one of the reliable license provider in Bangladesh. So you can buy your Tally software from AK Consultancy


TALLY GOLD FOR MULTI-USER: This software is preferable for multi users that means it is suitable for large and small financial organizations. AK Consultancy also provides a multi-user Tally software license for small and large organizations with acceptable costs. If you found any error or something else in our accounting software, our dedicated software expert will solve your problem within a day. Tally software has strong features. It can produce complex financial report and charts within a second. Using latest Tally version you can easily access the accounts related portion and can easily grab useful information for the customers. AK Consultancy provides latest Tally version which has latest accounting and financial features that is not available in any other accounting software throughout the country. Here are given below some outmost features that is available in our latest Tally software.


-Easily perform

-Basic Accounting Tasks

-Creating account information and add items in this account

-Job costing operation and maintenance

-The tally software provides a total payroll solution

-It can produce management information reports

-Preparing Balance sheet Produce profit and loss statement

-Produce different charts such as VAT forms, TDS, Tax analysis, FBT reports etc.

-Provide a budget analysis report

-Interest rate calculation

-Data management and synchronization


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